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Hey there! Welcome to The Lesbian Writer. I’m BK Scotther.

A Bit About MeBK Scotther

I grew up in a big family with seven others siblings; three brothers and four sisters. I’m the youngest of the girls. I’m also the gay one in the family. So when it came to family movie nights, you can imagine we never watched anything I was interested in. Every movie had a hero who saved a woman from some great peril and lived happily ever after.

Now sure, there wasn’t anything wrong with that, but I always wondered where the gay girl was. Why wasn’t she the heroine? Why didn’t she go save another girl in distress. In fact, forget about the girl in distress. Why wasn’t there a heroine who found love with another woman and they both went to save the world from certain doom? Give me a film like that and then I’ll applaud when the credits roll.

But I never got that movie. So I turned to books. And thank the lesbian goddess of creative writing because there were a good handful of lesbian books out there. However, that didn’t mean they were quite to my taste either. I wanted a story with a heroine who went on an adventure, fell in love with another woman, and side-by-side they took down whatever evil dared to spur out of the ground to wreak havoc in the world.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with stories about coming out, discovering one’s sexuality, or the contemporary lesbian romance stories. But I wanted the heroines to go on an adventure or fight demons or conquer evil kingdoms. I wanted my gay princesses, gay space commanders, gay knights, gay sorceresses. But I rarely found any. And whatever books I could get my hands on that did have those qualities would have something about them I didn’t like. One of the gay girls would get killed off, the lesbian couple wouldn’t end up together, or they were solely the side characters and not the main ones.

So instead of trying to find those books, I decided I’m going to make them myself. I wrote my first lesbian fantasy “novel” in my freshman year of high school. It was 16 pages about a fallen winged-goddess who had to redeem herself by finding her wings, which were given as a gift to some dark lord, and along the way, she fell in love with a sorceress who helped her by using magical abilities. It was terrible, short, poorly paced, and hilariously laughable now that I look back on it. But it got me an A+ in my English class. I was so proud of myself, thinking I took a step into the world of professional writing.

But now I’m older, wiser, and gayer than ever. I’m even writing my own proper novel based on that 16 page story from my freshman year, albeit with many, many alterations to the plot, characters, world, and story elements. Basically, everything. Actually, the only thing I kept from the original story was the idea of a lesbian goddess with wings.

Over the years, I’ve learned, I’ve failed, and I’ve made progress in my own writing skills. And every day, I learn something new about writing that I didn’t know before. One of the things I learned was that I wasn’t the only one who wanted a lesbian heroine kicking butt and falling in love. While I do tend to lean towards the fantasy and sci-fi genre, I like a few difference genres as well. So that’s why I created The Lesbian Writer, to share my knowledge, progress, findings and occasional pitfalls with you. This way, if I create content of some value or if it contains useful information, you would be able to find it all in one place.

I Want To Help You

At this site, I’ll be posting blogs about writing tips and sharing whatever books I have read with lesbian heroines. I’ll even bring back some older books published years ago in case you missed them. The thing about sharing knowledge is that those who learn can also teach, so in a way, me helping you will result in you helping me as well. And sharing knowledge is the best way to step forward in this world. I invite you to question and comment on any content I create, because opinions matter and it inspires imagination. And imagination is where we can see our lesbian heroines come to life.

The Goal Of The Lesbian Writer

The goal here at TLW is to give advice, tips, or information about how to write your own novel or find those that are already out there. I blog about writing tips and even share some of my own work in progress. While I am focused in the fantasy and sci-fi genre, other genres will be included occasionally. Hopefully, the content on this site can help you achieve what you came here to find.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Regards, BK Scotther

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