Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Answers to questions regarding my novel will be updated as my work in progress changes.

Is your name really BK Scotther? No. It’s a pen name.

What does BK stand for? The B is the initial for my girlfriend’s nickname. The K is the initial for my first name.

Why do you use a pen name? My real name is very common among my culture, and BK Scotther is easier to use as a brand and market.

Why do you need lesbians in everything? Someone once asked me why I wanted lesbians in everything, i.e. movies, TV shows, video games, and books. Two reasons.

1) I’m a lesbian. I want to see a lesbian protagonist represented well in all media, especially books, because I love books and I need a gay girl to kick someone’s ass in a land far, far away.

2) There’s not enough lesbians being represented in books, especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. And when there is, many of them aren’t quite to my liking. I’ll write about what I mean in a future blog post.

Are you a full-time writer? Not yet, but hopefully one day.

Are you looking for beta readers? Not at the moment but when I am, I’ll make an announcement because I’m going to need your help to polish my book baby.

Do you base characters in your book on people you know? Never.

Do you have a critique partner? Not yet, but I’ll look for one once I’m further into my writing progress.

Do you have a twitter account? Yep. @BKScotther

Do you have a YouTube channel? Nope.

Do you have an Instagram profile? No.

Do you self-publish or traditionally publish? I’m not published yet, but when I get there, I’ll be self-publishing.

Do you write novels or short stories? I’m starting my first novel. I’ll consider writing short stories in the future.

Would you like a movie deal for your novel one day? No.

Dogs or cats? Hamsters.

How far along are you on your novel? I’m currently writing the first draft.

How often do you write? As much as I can between my day job and school.

How old are you? I’m currently at Level 23.

What is the first novel you ever wrote? I haven’t written one yet. I’m starting one now.

What do you use to write? Microsoft Word.

What genre do you write in? I like to work on fantasy, but I’ve got some sci-fi ideas planned ahead.

What’s your first novel called? The Advocate’s Corridor.

What’s your first novel about? I’ll blog about it, I promise.

What genre of books do you like to read? Anything with a lesbian protagonist, especially if it’s set in a fantasy or sci-fi world.

What’s your favorite book? It varies.

What’s your favorite TV show? Wynonna Earp. Go watch it and become an Earper. The show’s amazing and the fans are very nice.

What’s your favorite movie? Don’t have one.

Who’s your favorite author? It varies.

What’s your writing process like? It varies. Sometimes I come up with the plot first, sometimes the main character, and sometimes, it’s the main setting.

When did you start your writing career? I want to say when I was 14, but that’s when I started to imagine and make up stories in my mind. So technically, I only just started my writing career in August 2017, since that’s when I started writing my actual novel.

Where do you get your ideas? From my brain. They’re just marinating in there, waiting for me to cook them before being served.

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