WIP Update #11 Finished Chapter One

Progress: Finished first draft of chapter one. Moving on to write chapter two.

So I’ve finally finished writing chapter one. And boy, was it hard getting words onto a page.

After months of creating characters, settings, and ideas for scenes, it all seemed easy to get started.

But it was quite the opposite.

Having ideas and writing those ideas out are completely different from forming a concrete story.

I did, however, manage to get those words down. And the result is a fourteen-page chapter. A chapter that needs lots and lots of revisions.

I fought myself so hard not to go back and edit over and over again. But one of my golden rules for writing is to get it done now, get it right later.

Putting that rule into practice has helped a lot.

Because I’m choosing to finish my first draft before I go back to the beginning and edit, I’m saving myself some time in the long run.

When I used to write short stories for fun, I would constantly go over the same old paragraphs and pages to revise. But because I kept revising the same things over and over, I never got to move on to scenes that would happen later in the story.

I finally made a rule for myself to write first and edit later. Needless to say, that has changed my writing progress so much. In my later projects, I was able to edit larger chunks of my unpublished manuscripts in a shorter amount of time.

No longer did I need to edit constantly and never get much progress done over an extended period.

So now that I’m tackling a 300-page novel, no matter how I feel, no matter how many words I want to revise, I’m going to hold off editing until I finish writing the final chapter.

My goal is to finish the first draft of my novel within the next three months, so hopefully come April 2018, I can set the draft down and get ready to self edit.

The idea I have on how to self edit is to go over my entire manuscript and find its flaws, plot holes, and inconsistencies. I want to polish it as much as possible before I enlist the help of beta readers and a critique partner to polish it even further. And after that, comes the professional edit.

But I won’t have to worry so much about editing until I’ve completed my first manuscript.

Since I want to get it done within three months, I’ll have to schedule some major writing time in between work, school, and spending time with my partner. It may seem like a long time, but I know three months will come and hit me before I even know it.

And that’s all the update I have for this post. I’m not planning to make an update every time I complete a chapter, but writing these updates not only documents my writing journey, it gives me a break from writing my manuscript and helps refresh my mind when I get back to it.

Wish me luck in the months ahead.

Are you in the middle of writing a book? Where are you in the writing process? Leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

And if you’re a veteran writer who’s already published, what was it like for you when you completed the first draft of your novel? Tell me in the comments below.

Also, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything at all, feel free to send them below and I would be more than happy to get back to you.

Regards, BK Scotther

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